The nearly hour-long interview touched on a range of personal topics — from the teen’s medical history to his gender dysphoria diagnosis to his suicide attempt years back, court records state. The interrogation left the boy — identified under the pseudonym Steve Koe — shaking and distressed, according to a signed declaration from his mother, named as Carol Koe. […] That’s why the advocacy groups submitted Carol Koe’s declaration this week, along with another by a woman identified as Samantha Poe, whose 14-year-old child is “in midst of exploring what a social transition feels like.” Though Poe hasn’t provided her child with gender-affirming medical care, an ongoing abuse investigation against her was opened in February and has left her child with “suicidal ideations,” according to court documents. […] Carol Koe said she has seen her 13-year-old go from depressed before transitioning to thriving afterward — only to become anxiety-ridden when he was questioned by state officials. Steve, she wrote, was once again his joyful self after the “remarkable” effects of gender-affirming treatment. He was finally laughing again and enjoying school — but the Aug. 30 interview with the investigator changed everything, she said. He had a “meltdown” after the meeting and asked his mother to pick him up, his mom said. He’s missed more classes and has frequent anxiety attacks, Carol Koe wrote. School for him is no longer the safe space it used to be, she claims. (Maria Luisa Paul, Washington Post)